An Introduction To Discourse Analysis

In a bit long holiday like this time, some of you, guys, may forget about discourse analysis. Now, i wanna help you to keep you schemata about discourse by posting this article. it does not mean that when discourse class finish, there is no need to keep in touch with that course. Discourse analysis is not simply just a lesson written in those papers. no way. the real discourse needed to analyse is still there, exist in many parts of our daily life. thus, it is clear that this approach is inevitably crucial to the students or who ever you are. Now, if you forget that definiton and the scopes of discourse analysis, please read this brief notes.
A. What is discourse analysis?
Discourse Analysis is an approach we use in analyzing the language context either in a written or spoken text. Discourse anaysis and pragmatics have a close relation, even some people are difficult to separate these two distintive terms. if you study about pragmatics, you analyse how the context can give contribution to the message meant. To anayse that, you need the discourse analysis as your approach to examine the pragmatic problems.

B. Field Studies in Discourse Analysis
As the topics of Discourse Analysis Study, you can choose one of several issues below:
a. The variety of discourse levels of dimensions, such as intonations, gestures, lexicon, meanings, etc.
b. The genre of discourse. it refers to the types of discourse in media, politics, science and business.
c. The relations between discourse and the emergence of syntactic structure
d. The relations between text (discourse) and context
e. The relations between discourse and power
f.  The relations between discourse and interaction

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