Another Type of Common Speech Error: Repetition

Repeats are repetitions of one or more words in a row. The speakers intended to utter something, yet they make speech error. They make speech error. They make repetitions of one or more word in a row.
For example:
- Turn on the heater/ the heater switch
- Those/ those dirty cups
The most frequent repeats (/) in twelve types of constituents are:
- the / the house
- the / the big house
- the / the manor house
- in / in houses
- in / in big houses
- in / in manor houses
In the / in the house
In the / in the big house
In the / in the manor house
May / may go
May have / may have gone
In / in going home

Fully 89 percent of all words repeated were function words, like articles (the / the neighbor), prepositions (in / in the garden), conjunctions (and/ and the neighbor): and pronouns (he/ he didn’t go). On the other hand, most of the words corrected in the false starts were content words: nouns (the man/ the woman), adjective (the silvery/ the shiny try), verbs (can be seen /can be viewed), or adverbs (the very / rather than nice house).

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